Refund Policy

We want your utmost satisfaction, so we will do what we can to process your refund as quickly as possible. We won't be satisfied until you are.

Our refund policy applies uniformly to all orders whether placed on our website or verbally over the telephone or via an email and by placing an order with us in any one of the ways, you have agreed that you have accepted our business policies and refund policies.

Shipment Return Due to Dissatisfaction

If you are not satisfied with any of our products, you may return the unopened products within 30 days for the refund after obtaining an RMA no. and the return to address from us. Any products returned without RMA no. does not qualify for a refund. We charge a restocking fee of 25% for the unopened returned goods (no refund on shipping charges or opened products). We believe in pursuit of happiness as declared in the US constitution. So if you are nice to us when returning the unopened products, we will try to reduce restocking fee so that both of us can pursue happiness!

Order Cancellation due to customer error

We regret to take this step as our credit card handling and processing companies have raised their fees over time and we can no longer afford to absorb their fees associated with such order cancellations. An order once placed but not processed and/or shipped will be charged a 5% cancellation fee. This fee applies to any duplicate orders placed accidentally, or for any order for which a customer changes his/her mind.

Order Cancellation & Returns Not Allowed

Discontinued items, close-outs, Opened bottles/product packages, Perishable and heat sensitive items and refrigerated items are not eligible for credit and return. All special ordered items, that is, the items we specifically ordered from the manufacturers after we receive customer order are not eligible for cancellation, credit and/or return.

The manufacturers recommend that all heat sensitive items be shipped via overnight delivery especially during summer times and for those locations in the USA where the temperatures rise into triple digits. You may use your discretion based on temperature in your local area at the time of expected delivery of your order at home and choose overnight or 2 day delivery or standard delivery at your risk. We do not take any responsibility for any delay in transit and we will not issue any refund for any perishable or heat sensitive products ordered and shipped either overnight, 2-day or standard shipping.

International Shipment Return Due to Regulatory Problems

The regulatory, customs and postal rules and restrictions vary from country to country and it is the responsibility of the customers ordering the products to verify these rules and restrictions before ordering the products. We are unable to keep abreast of such rules and restrictions and as such do not take responsibility for any rejection of shipment of orders. Any such refund will be on case by case basis. No refund will be issued for any opened or damaged products. No refund will be issued after 30 days.

Shipment Due to DrugNaturalâ„¢ Error

We will refund full price and shipping charges without restocking fee for any products returned due to our error in shipment or order processing. Please inspect your package when you receive it for freight damage. You need not accept any damaged package. Get initial claim information from the delivery person, then notify us about the damaged package.

Contact us within 5 business days of receipt of shipment for any of the following reasons:

  • Wrong quantity shipped
  • Wrong item shipped
  • Incorrect shipping charge or billing information
  • Damaged package

We will not handle any of the above claims after 30 days from the invoice date.

In either case, please send us an email requesting a Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number before returning any products. We will promptly respond to your request.

Products returned without RMA # will be refused and returned to sender, who is responsible for any and all incurred charges. Customers who return the products without RMA # may not receive their refunds as such returns cannot be tracked.

Once the RMA is issued, the return must be postmarked within 5 business days.

We will issue credits for returned products after they are received by us. All returns must be insured and postage pre-paid. Be sure your name, address, and Return Material Authorization Number are clearly indicated on the outside of the package.

We will do what we can to process your refund as quickly as possible but in some cases, it may take about 2 weeks for the credit to be issued.

Incidental Error Omission & Problem

DrugNaturalâ„¢ does not take any responsibility, either direct or indirect, expressed or implied with regard to any delays or damage or consequential damage caused by errors or omissions or problems beyond its control and no refund or compensation of any sort will be given. Such issues include but not limited to delay in shipment/delivery due to issues beyond our control, delay in the use of the product due to issues beyond our control, time & effort required and spent in returning the products regardless of the cause and source of the error, omission and problem.

Refund Due to Product Quality

We have no control over the quality of the products manufactured by the manufacturers and we do not take responsibility for the quality of their products other than working diligently to replace the poor quality product received by the customer or refund the money. We do not take any responsibility for any the delay caused by return and replacement in the use of the product by as we do not control the quality of the manufacturers' products.

Damage Claim

We have never had any damage to any product in shipment in several years of business. However, if you receive any package that appears to be damaged from the outside, immediately notify the carrier at the time of accepting the delivery, take down the name of the carrier and have him/her note the damage on the spot for damage claim. Alternatively, reject the package on the ground of damage to the package.

If you accept the delivery, inspect the goods and if you see any damage, save the damaged goods as the carriers (especially USPS) often insist on inspecting and assessing the damage, and immediately file the claim with the carrier that delivered the damaged goods. Since you are in the possession of the damaged goods, we cannot take any actions from here. It is your responsibility to file the claim with the USPS, UPS or the FedEx, the carrier that delivered the goods and notify us with your claim and supply us the copies of the documentation so that we may work with you and the carrier for the reimbursement for the damage by the carrier. We will fully cooperate with you in your effort to claim reimbursement for the damage from the carrier. Once the package is handed to the carrier for delivery to you, our responsibility ceases. We cannot issue any refund for such damage as we do not have the ability to assess damage to the package at the delivery location from our location.

Credit card verification

For the protection of both the card holder and us, we reserve the right to verify the authentic and legal use of the credit card by the credit card holder. This particularly applies when a US customer, holding a credit card issued by an American bank places an order from out of the country for shipment to his/her address in the US or overseas. Our card verification process may include calling on the card issuing bank, calling on the customer (more than once for such verification) and other means. Some people find this upsetting and objectionable but we hope that they will understand the risk associated with use of the credit card via internet. Our aim is to cut down, if not eliminate entirely, all fraudulent transactions while satisfying our valued customers and keeping the on-line order processing cost to the minimum. A customer demanding a cancellation of an order because of our inquiry to verify the credit card authenticity will be charged an order cancellation fee of 5% of the order amount.