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GlucoTrim® is an extract from the leaf of the tropical tree Lagerstroemia speciosa L., also known as Queen's flower, Pride of India and Banaba. For centuries in traditional Asian cultures, the leaf tea or extract from this plant has been used for its healthful properties, including support of energy after eating and maintenance of weight within normal levels.

The Lagerstroemia leaves are processed by water extraction and standardized to 1% corosolic acid, the active triterpenoid. Japanese researchers have shown that corosolic acid can help regulate blood sugar within normal levels by activating the transport of glucose across cell membranes. Glucose transporters are important in regulating the level of intracellular glucose.

Corosolic acid has been shown to stimulate significant glucose transport activity in vitro, in Ehrlich ascites tumor cell studies. Rodent studies show that supplemental corosolic acid significantly aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels. Additionally, animals fed corosolic acid showed lower serum insulin, urinary excreted glucose and total plasma cholesterol. Researchers in Italy and Japan conducting animal studies confirm that corosolic acid can cause significant and immediate blood sugar reduction.

In 1998, a cross-over, placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted at the Tokyo Jikeikai Medical School in Japan with 24 Type II diabetic human subjects. After four weeks, corosolic acid was shown to effectively reduce blood glucose levels vs. placebo, with no adverse effects. Even a one-time dose left a memory-effect for blood glucose control, lasting several days. In another study conducted at the Southwestern Institute of Biomedical Research in Brandenton, Florida, 12 human subjects with mild Type II diabetes were studied for 22 weeks. Several forms of corosolic acid were administered to different groups, and in several dosages. It was seen that the higher the dose of corosolic acid, the greater the drop in blood glucose levels. The greatest blood glucose reduction was obtained using an oil-based soft gelatin capsule formulation of corosolic acid at a 48 mg daily dose.

In an elaborate cross-over study, 12 subjects took a placebo for two weeks, then a daily dose of 48 mg corosolic acid (two oil-based softgels of 8 mg after each meal), for 30 days. This was followed by a 45-day placebo washout period. Then the same group took 48 mg corosolic acid in a different form (two hard gelatin capsules of 8 mg corosolic acid dry powder after each meal), for 30 days. Another 45 day washout followed. The results show that corosolic acid is effective in reducing blood glucose levels, with no adverse effects. Specifically, the average blood glucose level in the control group was 168.3 mg/deciliter. The soft gelatin formulation of corosolic acid caused a drop to an average value of 115.1 mg/deciliter at the 30th day of corosolic acid treatment. During the washout period, the blood glucose level only slowly came back up, suggesting a memory effect of corosolic acid for up to four weeks after the termination of intake. Also, 48 mg of corosolic acid per day continued to reduce blood glucose levels until the end of the 30-day period.

An additional benefit was support of a normal glycemic profile after meals. After eating, the corosolic acid group had a normal sharp decline in blood glucose level, compared to the slow decline often seen in diabetics. Frequent thirst and urination also disappeared for those using the corosolic acid and there was an increased ability to lose weight. This U.S. clinical study confirms the promising safety and effectiveness of the 1998 Japanese clinical study.

GlucoTrim® corosolic acid is clinically proven to activate cellular glucose transport, which supports balanced blood glucose within normal levels. It can have a memory effect of blood glucose lowering even after intake is stopped. As a blood sugar regulating factor, it may support weight within normal levels. GlucoTrim® provides the most effective formulation of corosolic acid known, in an oil-based soft gelatin capsule.

Health Functions:
The Possible Benefits of GlucoTrim®, a Dietary Supplement:
Can activate cellular glucose transport across membranes, which supports balanced blood glucose within normal levels.
Supports maintenance of a normal glycemic profile after meals.
As a blood sugar regulating factor, may support weight within normal levels.

Formula (#74500)

Each Softgel contains :

Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving:
GlucoTrim® (from Lagerstroemia speciosa L., 1% Corosolic Acid) 24 mg.
Other ingredients: Rice bran oil, silicon dioxide.