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Imm-Kine® provides nutritional support for the immune system. Imm-Kine® contains Muramyl polysaccharide glycan complex (MPGC), a purified and non-toxic bacterial cell wall extract of gram-positive Lactobacillus fermentum and beta-1, 3-glucan. Research suggests that Imm-Kine® may have a stimulatory effect on the immune system, increase the production of interleukins 1, 6 and 12 and stimulate human lymphocyte proliferation.

Research has shown that some polysaccharide components of various plants and bacteria can enhance the body’s immune response. The health promoting effects of various mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake and Shiitake, used through the millennia in Eastern medicine, are thought to involve their content of beta-glucans. Recently, similar immunologically potent polysac-charides have been identified in the cell walls of various bacteria. Some have suggested that this ability of bacterial cell wall components to enhance the immune response may be partially responsible for the health benefits of probiotic bacteria, such as Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of muramyl compounds such as MPGC in stimulating the immune system. For instance, another immune stimulating bacterial cell wall analog, muramyl tripeptide phosphatidylethanolamine, improved Kupffer cell function and protected cells in an animal model. Muramyl compound immuno-stimulators, natural and synthetic, can activate macrophages, thereby supporting the immune system.

MPGC contains muramic acid moieties attached to variable-length mannose-rich polysaccharides. The mannose-rich polysaccharides can promote internali-zation of the muramic acid-containing complex. Once internalized, the muramic acid moieties of the MPGC may promote activation of macrophages. MPGC also appears to increase human lymphocyte proliferation and the production of human antigen-presenting dendritic cells in vitro.

Imm-Kine® combines the immune stimulant MPGC with beta-1,3-glucan, to provide a broad-spectrum immune enhancing supplement.

Health Functions:
The Possible Benefits of Imm-Kine®, a Dietary Supplement:
Helps support both humoral and cellular immune responses.
Helps stimulate enhanced macrophage activity.

Formula (#74130)

Two capsule contains:

Lactobacillus fermentum extract 500 mg, Beta-1,3-glucan (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 100 mg.
Other ingredients: Ascorbyl palmitate.