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Prolive with Antioxidants contains a standardized extract of olive tree leaves (Olea europaea) formulated with antioxidants, in tablet form to maintain potency. Olive leaf possesses a variety of properties which potentially support balanced intestinal microbiology, circulation and healthy cholesterol within normal levels.

Olives and olive oil have long been a staple food in Mediterranean countries and substances obtained from parts of the olive tree, including the leaves, have traditionally been used to support digestive and cardiovascular health and for general well-being. Olive oil is a key component of the Mediterranean diet, which we now know correlates with a decreased risk of coronary heart disease.

Research suggest that olive leaf extract may support blood pressure within normal levels and vasodilation within normal levels. Olive leaf can promote the relaxation of vascular smooth muscles, protect low density lipoproteins from oxidation and reduce production of the prostaglandin thromboxane A2. In addition to these properties, olive leaf has antioxidant, diuretic and other properties, which combine to make olive leaf a potential cardiovascular tonic.

Two important active ingredients are olive secoiridoides: oleuropein, the bitter principle of olives and hydroxytyrosol, which is considered to be responsible for the high stability of olive oil. A hydrolyzed form of oleuropein called calcium elenolate is the most studied component. Both oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol appear to support aspects of the body's immune response.

Olive leaf extract also contains oleuropeoside, a component involved with vasodilator activity, potentiation of glucose-induced insulin release and peripheral uptake of glucose. Other active constituents are the secoiridoid compounds oleuroside, ligstroside, demethyloleuropein and unconjugated secoiridoid type aldehydes. Olive leaf also contains quercetin glycosides and kaempferol glycosides.

Health Functions:
The Possible Benefits of Prolive (Olive Leaf Extract), a Dietary Supplement:
Supports healthy circulation and has multiple cardiotonic properties.
Provides support for aspects of the body's immune system.
May support aspects of blood sugar regulation within normal levels.

Formula (#72430)

Each tablet contains:

Servings Per Container: 90.
Amount Per Serving:
Vitamin A (as Beta-Carotene) 5000 IU, Vitamin C (50% as Ascorbic Acid and 50% as Ascorbyl Palmitate)