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WomanPrime® was developed especially for women by three preeminent medical practitioners, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Alan Gaby and Dr. Devaki Berkson. During perimenopause, the body's estrogen production can decline significantly and the adrenal glands become more important as a source of estrogen at this time. WomanPrime® provides adrenal support and enhances estrogen metabolism in three ways: by increasing production through adrenal gland support; by providing natural compounds that have estrogenic activity; and by helping to inhibit the breakdown of estrogen in the liver.

Vitamin C is important in the production of adrenal hormones, for maintaining bone mineral density in postmenopausal women and as an antioxidant nutrient. It also is a key component of collagen and elastin found in the blood vessel walls. Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid that supports vascular integrity and healthy capillary permeability. Vitamin E is an important oil-soluble antioxidant that prevents damage to cellular tissues and membranes throughout the body. It is known to have anticoagulant, neuroprotective, immunomodulatory and cell membrane-stabilizing actions. Vitamin A is an important part of the epithelial tissues that line the glands and organs and has been shown to support women's health in a variety of ways. The Nurses' Health Study, which evaluated the health of 72,000 postmenopausal women, found that even high amounts of vitamin A did not increase risk of hip fracture for women getting estrogen support. Folic acid takes part in the transmission of the genetic code to newly formed cells and is essential for correct cellular division. It is now recognized as an essential nutrient during pregnancy and studies suggest it has importance for women's health in general. Vitamin B12 is another nutrient that is key for cellular growth. Pantothenic acid helps the body produce neurotransmitters and is essential to the production of adrenal hormones. Vitamin B6 is essential for more than 100 enzyme reactions in the body and supports functions important in female health. PABA helps form red blood cells and functions as a hormone potentiator, delaying the breakdown of estrogen and other hormones by the liver.

Magnesium takes part in the enzymatic regulation of temperature, energy production, nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction. It is needed for proper calcium metabolism and the health of bones and teeth. A recent study involving postmenopausal women showed that magnesium may be important for the heart rate, utilization of oxygen and healthy cardiovascular function. Selenium is a key part of an important antioxidant enzyme and works synergistically with vitamin E to prevent free radical damage. Boron is important for vitamin D and mineral metabolism and for bone health, potentially reducing the loss of calcium in postmenopausal women. There is also evidence that it can provide support for estrogen levels. Adrenal substance supports adrenal function, helping to support calcium metabolism, circulation and production of estrogen precursors. Panax (Korean) ginseng has long been used to support the capacity to deal with physical and emotional stress. It has been shown to help regulate blood sugar within normal levels, improve energy and stamina, support brain function, as well as have a mild estrogenic effect. Black cohosh, traditionally used in China and by Native Americans for a variety of conditions including women's health issues, has of late been studied for its estrogenic qualities. The extract has been shown to positively affect menopausal and postmenopausal complaints.

Normal functions in the body rely on a balance between free radicals and antioxidants. Wholly Immune contains antioxidant nutrients including beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid, pure germanium sesquioxide, selenium, bioflavonoid complex, glutathione and vitamins E and C. The nutraceuticals, herbs and herbal extracts, such as lycopene, grape seed extract, quercetin, sulforaphane, green tea extract, mushroom extract, turmeric, ginseng, milk thistle extract, olive leaf extract and astragalus also collectively provide antioxidant activity, as well as direct immune enhancing properties.

Wholly Immune also provides gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) and fish oil concentrate containing DHA and EPA (important fatty acids which favor the production of beneficial series 1 and 3 prostaglandins), as well as the proteolytic enzyme bromelain, key amino acids and other important nutritional ingredients. Together these all contribute to making Wholly Immune an excellent support for normal nutritional needs of the body with a special emphasis on the immune system.

Health Functions:
The Possible Benefits of WomanPrime®, a Dietary Supplement:
Supports adrenal function and may enhance estrogen production.
Provides nutrients with mild estrogenic effects, such as ginseng and black cohosh.
May help inhibit breakdown of estrogen in the liver.

Formula (#72540)

one capsule contains:

Servings Per Container: 120
Amount Per Serving:
Vitamin A (as Vitamin A Palmitate) 1250 IU, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 25 mg, Vitamin E (as D-alpha-Tocopheryl Acid Succinate)