Pro-PCA Fuel Chocolate 1000 gms by Douglas Labs

Pro-PCA Fuel Chocolate 1000 gms by Douglas Labs

Pro-PCA Fuel Chocolate 1000 gms by Douglas Labs


Product Details


Pro-PCA Fuel is a revolutionary new sports nutraceutical formulation created to mitigate the health and performance damaging factors that result from vigorous exercise. Pro-PCA Fuel is unique in the sports performance market because it is the first product that provides a dosage schedule for the nutrient fueling needs of three classes of athletes based on their physical size. In addition, it also targets nutrient fueling proactively by administering the dosage during the three distinct phases of the training cycle:

  1. Pre-Exercise (nutrient loading).
  2. The Training Session (continued nutrient fueling).
  3. Post Exercise Recovery (critical for every athlete).
Pro-PCA Fuel contains a performance specific blend of high quality whey protein isolates and concentrate, high glycemic index carbohydrates (maltodextrin), and a rich supply of micronutrients that focus on the antioxidant factors needed to defend the athlete from the damaging effects of exercise.

Health Functions:

The protocol for Pro-PCA Fuel has been designed from a more medically responsible perspective by providing high level PCA nutrient fueling during the three phases of the training cycle; (1) Pre-Exercise, (2) The Training Session, and (3) Post Exercise Recovery.

Using this pro-active strategy in the Pro-PCA Fuel protocol will maximize multi-dimensional health and performance benefits for every serious athlete, which include the following:
  1. Limits free radical damage to muscles and other tissue.
  2. Dilutes acids that form during exercise.
  3. Restores glycogen and electrolytes.
  4. Reduces the production of ammonia.
  5. Stimulates the anabolic hormone insulin.
  6. Increases protein synthesis during training.
  7. Limits catabolic hormone production.
  8. Prevents damage to the immune system.
  9. Improves hydration which helps manage thermogenics.
  10. Increases antioxidant reserves which has a positive impact on both inflammation and chemical toxicity.
Professional, Olympic and collegiate athletes have been actively looking for ways to improve their sports performance for decades. Pro-PCA Fuel is designed to address these important issues which will allow each athlete to optimize their health and performance safely through the productive research in Clinical Nutrition that has emerged over the last 35 years.
Since every athlete is unique in terms of their training schedule and nutritional adaptation responses, it may be necessary to adjust the dosage of Pro-PCA Fuel to meet these individual needs (Please refer to the Suggested Usage panel on the next page).


Store in cool dry place. Keep out of reach o children.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated statements contained herein. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication.