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Can Diet Improve Teen’s Facial Skin?

Teens with skin problems face the challenge of living with critical peers in addition to their teens’ relationships, their hormones, and often on their skin. Every teen will get the occasional zit, but for some teens, acne is a chronic skin condition characterized by blackheads, whiteheads, and often pus-filled pimples.

There is increasing evidence connecting dietary glycemic load to acne. It is known that metabolic signals of the standard Western diet increase presence of acne as well as the oily shine frequently experienced by teens. Furthermore, dairy may exacerbate this problem.

Randomized, controlled trials have confirmed that a high protein, low-glycemic diet has a significant positive impact on acne. Ensuring proper glucose balance through dietary intervention (and, if necessary, supplementation) as well as avoidance of dairy foods may play a key role in supporting healthy skin.

Sweeping change can be difficult to cope with for teenagers, so start with a blood sugar-balancing breakfast. Some great dairy-free options include eggs sautéed with vegetables, whole grain toast with almond butter, or a protein smoothie with a non-dairy protein powder

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