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Female Hormonal Imbalance

The human hormonal system works like an orchestra with the body’s digestive and detoxification systems, as such issues in one frequently reflects on the performance of the another. Most female hormone problems are brought on by years of poor quality of lifestyle along with digestive issues. Add to that the fact that we live longer forcing the soft tissue glands of our body that produce these hormones to work over a far longer period than they did decades ago when human life was shorter and the stress was less. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women include weight gain, hot flash, vaginal dryness, low libido, inadequate sleep and more.

The digestive system is fundamental to good health because it feeds our body tissues with the nutrients we need to function, as such balancing hormone starts with a healthy digestive system, diet and lifestyle. Carbohydrates, sweets, lack of awareness of your own food sensitivities, fast food, lack of exercise, lack of nutrition play a part in disrupting the hormonal balance. Your body needs key nutritional ingredients that include fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins for the body to produce necessary hormones.

The stress hormone, cortisol, is an arbiter the woman’s diet and hormones helps stabilize blood sugar. Unstable blood sugar level created in a woman because of excessive consumption of sugary food, processed food and refined grains is responsible for producing insulin and consequently large amount of cortisol impacting hormone balance.

Thus hormone problems are a response to health issue, a lifestyle issue and stress. So examining these three issues to address hormonal problems is a good beginning.



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