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Positive Health

You wonder, you have heard about good health and bad health but what is this positive health? Well, good health is a result of positive health.

Health is a resource which can be generated and maintained with the help of healthy lifestyle or can be destroyed by an unhealthy life-style. Positive Health illustrates:

1. Knowledge about health: Knowledge leads to progress and ignorance leads to degeneration or destruction. Knowledge and understanding about the various dimensions of health will help you with healthy living.

2. Lifestyle for positive health: The proper understanding of various dimensions of health will motivate you to adopt a lifestyle that will promote your own health as well as helps others to do so. This includes health-promoting thoughts, food, and actions.

3. Positive thinking and attitudes: The seed of all feelings and actions is your way of thinking and attitudes. Positive thinking and attitudes empowers you to achieve health, happiness and harmony in your life. Spiritual wisdom will bring peace and satisfaction.

4. Progress and longevity: Most people have fear of death, however, stress and strain of life as well as wrong habits are taking them closer to self-destruction. On the other hand, positive thinking, relaxation, meditation will bring you progress and longevity.

5. Balanced personality development: Normally, people desire all around material ownership for happiness, however, the essential thing that can bring lasting satisfaction and happiness is all round personality development, that is, physical, mental, intellectual, moral and spiritual development of a person.

Thus it is important to develop positive health so that you may have good health all around.

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