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Testosterone’s Effect on the Skin


As men age, the appearance of the skin becomes more of a concern. Supporting appropriate testosterone levels is one strategy that may go a long way to help this age-related change.

Young males generally have soft, clear skin until puberty hits and acne starts to show up. This is due to the increase in oil secretion driven by rising testosterone. The large hormone change during puberty is responsible for significant changes in skin quality. If your patients can maintain healthy testosterone levels throughout life, their skin can maintain a young and supple look due to the balanced secretion of naturally occurring oils. The oils act as an all-natural skin moisturizer that penetrates more deeply than any expensive lotion. In addition to its impact on oil production, testosterone also exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on skin and can quiet mast cell function. This is another important function of testosterone in men and women and could contribute to the increased incidence of inflammatory skin conditions in women.

Since the decline of testosterone production is a natural consequence of aging, it is very important for men to support healthy levels with lifestyle and proper nutrition. One of the best things that men can do as they age is to maintain an appropriate body weight. When there is an increase in body fat, the enzyme aromatase is also increased. Aromatase is responsible for the irreversible conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and for obese men, can have a significant impact on testosterone levels.

There are also several supplements and herbs to help support healthy testosterone levels in men. Zinc is a supplement that should be viewed as essential in men as it is a co-factor in hundreds of reactions throughout the body including testosterone synthesis. It is also an aromatase inhibitor, so it supports balanced aromatase function, decreasing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen through aromatizatlon. Another great option is the herb Tribulus terrestris, which when used at a dose of 625 mg three times per day for 10 days, resulted in increased serum testosterone levels in one study.

Maintaining healthy testosterone levels throughout the lifetime of a male can have profound health impacts throughout their entire body, including the skin. If you are looking to make your aging male patients a bit happier, supporting healthy testosterone levels may be just the answer.

Article by Christopher Oswald, DC, CNS

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