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Children’s Health

Children have very unique nutritional needs. It is very important to ensure that the proper nutrients are in place for healthy cells to develop and for their body grow. Childhood health is the blueprint for the individual’s health for the future. Unfortunately, many children eat diets consisting of mainly refined and processed foods that are high in empty calories and low in whole foods and nutrients.

One of the nutrients most necessary for growing children is omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish oil. DHA is an essential fat that impacts the quality of brain cells being formed. You’ve probably noticed the increasing fortification of formulas and foods for young children with DHA; this is because of its importance in this age group. Many of these foods are still too low in DHA, but they also lack the beneficial EPA that helps with the structural integrity of the cell membrane. Kids of all ages can benefit from omega-3s; there are many unique forms of kid-friendly omegas, like yummy liquids, sneaky powders, or even gummies.

Multivitamins can provide kids with consistency of nutrient intake, even if their food intake is not perfect some days. Remember that with children, you need to assess their nutrition over the course of a week, rather than daily. It’s not uncommon for children to go through spurts where they’ll eat mostly carbohydrates one day, but follow that with a day heavy in fruits or vegetables. Adding a simple but comprehensive multivitamin/mineral formulation can ensure that these children get what their growing bodies need every day.

Fiber is an essential macronutrient for everyone, but studies show that today’s children are at a deficiency. Government surveys show that most children get their daily fiber from cereals, French fries, and baked sweets. While it is best to teach children to include lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet, supplementing food with fiber is another great option. Today’s fibers can often be hidden in foods like sauces, smoothies, or baked foods for even the pickiest eater!

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