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Ascorbic Acid Powder

Ascorbic acid is a form of pure vitamin C that is a water soluble, white, crystalline found in green vegetables and citrus fruits. Vitamin C provides numerous health benefits, and if we are deficient in this powerful antioxidant, many health problems can occur. Our bodies do not produce or store vitamin C. Taking vitamin supplements and eating a balanced diet that includes foods rich in this vitamin are important for guaranteeing we intake adequate amounts of vitamin C.

The body utilizes vitamin C for healing and fighting infection. Ascorbic acid promotes normal tissue growth, positive cell development and proper calcium absorption. Vitamin C also helps to strengthen the immune system, prevent bruising and blood clotting and regulate blood pressure. Cholesterol levels can also be reduced and the capillary walls can be made stronger with the help of vitamin C.

There are several signs of vitamin C deficiency. Some symptoms include bleeding gums, gingivitis, nosebleeds, and dry or scaly skin. You may also experience swollen joints, an inability to fight infection, easy bruising and a slow healing rate. Anemia and a slower metabolism are also signs of deficiency.

DrugNatural provides you with several dietary supplements options that contain ascorbic acid. Some examples include End Fatigue Daily Energy Enfusion Powder, Buffered C Powder and BrainStorm. Feel free to contact us by phone at 408-626-7640.