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A Natural Way to Lower Cholesterol

Results of 2 recent clinical trials have raised serious questions about the medical practices established over many years that lowering cholesterol by any means is beneficial.

Instead of taking this risky route for lowering cholesterol why not choose a natural route through tocotrienol, a member of Vitamin E family to achieve similar results?

Often Vitamin E is thought of as a single entity. In reality, Vitamin E exists in two forms, tocotrienols and tocopherols. These forms exist as 4 different compounds: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Scientists have found that although both tocotrienols and tocopherols are anti-oxidant and are similar, they work differently in our body; tocotrienols are superior to tocopherols in promoting good health and are absorbed better in our body to maintain healthy cholesterol level and sustain the integrity of nerves. And delta-tocotrienol is the most potent antioxidant of all of the commercially available tocotrienols. Gamma tocotrienols is the next best in line. On the other hand, tocopherols do not have the cholesterol lowering ability.

Tocotrienols are found in palm oil, rice, wheat germ, oat and barley. Of these sources, Palm oil is the most potent source of tocotrienols.

Although healthy diet and lifestyle are important for good health, about 80% of total cholesterol in our body is produced by the enzyme called HMG-Co A Reductase in our liver. Both the statin drugs, manufactured by major pharmaceuticals, and tocotrienols decrease cholesterol production by inhibiting the enzyme HMG-Co A Reductase in the liver that is responsible for the production of cholesterols but the statin drugs have significant adverse side effects including permanent damage to liver, muscle and nervous system, loss of memory. A serious side effect is destruction of CoQ10, a vital anti-oxidant enzyme and a nutrient produced by our body and critical for healthy and efficient functioning of our cardiovascular system. Additional effects are homicide impulses, kidney failure, muscle aching, cramp and weakness, constipation, erectile dysfunction whereas tocotrienols do not have any of these side effects.

Additionally, Palm based tocotrienols with its delta tocotrienols have been proven to most effectively inhibit platelet aggregation and reduce production of enzymes in our arteries that promote plaque formation.

In a double-blind human study, the Kenneth Jordan Heart Foundation in the USA found that Palm based tocotrienols have the ability to reverse atherosclerosis (plaque in arteries). Palm based tocotrienols also have the ability to reverse blockage of the carotid arteries (large arteries on two sides of our neck) and thus to reduce the risk of blockage in the artery and stroke.

A University of California, Berkeley study has shown that Palm based tocotrienols are effective in preventing protein oxidation and lipid peroxidation caused by generation of enormous amount of free radicals during a strenuous exercise.

Studies have also shown that delta and gamma-tocotrienols are most potent breast cancer cell inhibitors; delta tocotrienols being twice as effective as gamma tocotrienols. Palm based tocotrienols have been shown to inhibit the estrogen positive as well as estrogen negative breast cancer cells. Delta tocotrienols also help against premature aging due to its ability in accumulating in cells in our body.

When taking tocotrienol supplements, look for high tocotrienols content (especially gamma- and delta-tocotrienol) and low tocopherols content. Tocotrienols made from Palm contain about 75 percent tocotrienols and 25 percent tocopherols. Rice tocotrienols contain to the tune of 50 percent tocotrienols and 50 percent tocopherols. Note that a little known tropical-rainforest plant called Annatto contains 100 percent tocotrienols and is practically free of tocopherol. A special patented, solvent-free extraction of Annatto seeds produces the two most effective tocotrienol compounds: 90 percent delta-tocotrienol and 10 percent gamma-tocotrienol.

Studies support that Annato-derived tocotrienols should be taken 6 or more hours before or after a dose of any vitamin supplement due to the fact that most of these vitamins contain tocopherols and that the ability of tocopherols is inhibited in the presence of tocotrienol in the digestive system in our body.

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