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Benefits of L Glutamine

Glutamine is an Amino acid and although it is considered nonessential amino acid because it is produced by the muscles in our body. Over 60% of skeletal muscles of our body are Glutamine. It is viewed as one of the most important amino acids for building muscle and gaining strength as well as during the metabolic stress situations such as trauma (including pre and post-surgical trauma), cancer, sepsis, and burns. Glutamine promotes the health of intestinal lining, virtually eliminating the need to worry about the “leaky gut syndrome”, allergies, the “leaking out” of pathogens and arthritis. It also supports immune and muscle functions and protects body and brain and is popularly known as brain food. In the brain, glutamine produces glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid, popularly known as GABA. It is an important source of energy for the nervous system as well. The white blood cells in the body also use glutamine to support a healthy immune system.

Glutamine can be found in foods such as fish, poultry and beans (legumes).

Glutamine plays a vital part in the control of blood sugar. It helps prevent hypoglycemia, since it is easily converted to glucose when blood sugar is low. Recently it has been discovered that glutamine is important for the cardiovascular system as well.

During intense training, Glutamine levels are significantly depleted breaking down your muscles decreasing your strength and stamina. Studies have shown that L Glutamine acts as an “anti-catabolic” agent and in that role it can minimize breakdown of muscles and improve protein metabolism of the muscles you have already built rather than promote the growth of new tissues and thus glutamine is viewed as a “muscle food,” helping to replenish glycogen in the muscles. Glutamine helps increase muscle mass.This is the reason why Glutamine is one of the favorite supplements of body builders and others who exercise a lot. Serious fitness fans tend to take glutamine within 30 minutes both before and after workout. Glutamine users often report more energy, less fatigue and better mood.

Taking 5 grams of Glutamine before going to sleep also helps minimize muscle breakdown while you are asleep and promote your body’s natural secretion of growth hormone thereby working as a powerful anabolic agent. Glutamine works as a daily wellness and muscle building agent particularly for those who do some level of regular workout.

When consuming Glutamine, it is important to ensure that it is L Glutamine and not D Glutamine as L Glutamine offers closer resemblance to amino acid produced in the body. However, taking excessive amounts of L Glutamine may lead to upset stomach and should be avoided.

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